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Natural Turf Fields

Building Championship Fields

Sports Turf knows more about natural grass than any of our competitors.  Our sister company, NG Turf, operates six sod farms throughout the state of Georgia.  Our sod and sprigs are Blue Tag Certified and inspected by the Georgia Crop Improvement Association on a quarterly basis.  This guarantees that the turf will be free of noxious weeds and true to variety.  Our intimate knowledge of the turf industry ensures that your field is designed and constructed in a way that the proper grass type is used, the base work and irrigation properly maximizes the growth of the grass, and a proper maintenance schedule is formulated for lasting durability.

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Synthetic Turf Fields

Less work, more play

Not all athletic field designers and contractors are the same.

With over 20 years’ experience in athletic field construction, Sports Turf provides the proper base work and drainage should your project call for synthetic turf.  Sports Turf is not a synthetic turf manufacturer but has worked with many of the leading manufacturers in the industry.  We can design and build your field and source the synthetic turf ensuring that you get the product you need to meet your specifications.

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Field Drainage Solutions

Tackling your toughest problems.

Drainage is one of the most important considerations when designing, constructing and managing sports fields and tracks. Sports Turf Company’s certified field builders contemplate use of the facility, rainfall and budget when considering various drainage solutions.

The most common cause of field closures and damage to fields is poor drainage. Our team of experienced specialists provide the right drainage solution for your build and can help you solve current drainage challenges.

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