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Building Athletes a Home Since 1991

History Matters

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Sports Turf Company is the vision of president, Aaron McWhorter. Aaron grew up on the family dairy farm in Heard County, Georgia. In 1969 he graduated from University of West Georgia with a bachelor’s degree in history and began teaching in Barnesville where he was the head men’s and women’s basketball coach and assistant football coach.

After starting a sod operation in 1985, Aaron recognized a blaring need for a specialty contractor capable of properly constructing and finishing athletic fields. So in 1991 Sports Turf Company, Inc., was born, with a mission to provide the very best athletic construction services to owners, who until this point had been vastly underserved in this construction segment. With the selection of Sports Turf Company to construct the Olympic Softball Complex in Columbus, GA for the 1996 Olympic Games, it was clear that this vision had been realized.

In 2004, Sports Turf Company further diversified its offerings by creating a track and tennis court division. Sports Turf Company is now one of the few companies in the country that offers a full line of Polyurethane and Latex Surfaces to include acrylic coatings for courts that are installed in-house by our own people. The inclusion of construction of tracks and courts to our other capabilities meant that we were able to be a single source for our clients for their complete athletic facility needs.

Sports Turf Company has completed many high profile projects that have established our services as the standard of professionalism and quality in the industry. Some of these projects include working for respected institutions such as The Atlanta Falcons, Auburn University, University of Alabama, University of Mississippi, Mississippi State University, West Georgia University, East Cobb Baseball and many more.

Sports Turf Company has always held a commitment to quality as evidenced by both our work and those professionals who lead our company. This was recognized in our industry when Sports Turf Company was chosen to receive the inaugural “Field Builder of the Year” award for 2014 by Sports Field Management Magazine. It is always an honor to be recognized for achievement by your friends and competitors.

As Sports Turf Company moves into a new era in our history, it is good to reflect on the beginning. We know where we are going because we know where we came from. We are building on 25 years of experience that most other companies don’t have. We are pioneering new technologies, partnering with the very best suppliers and always striving to build the best facilities. The more than 600 fields, courts and tracks we’ve constructed throughout the Southeastern United States are a clear indication of our direction. We have assembled a highly skilled group of employees that include the very best superintendents, project managers and administrative staff that want nothing more than to build the best facility for our customers. That is why we say that we are in the dream making business and would love nothing more than to make yours come true.

“Building Dreams One Project at a Time.”

Taking Quality to an Unprecedented Level

For twenty-five years, Sports Turf Company has been a recognized industry leader in sports field, track and court renovation and construction. We are a multi-faceted company that has pioneered the use of specialized laser grading technology and applied it to sports field design, construction and renovation to build your dream facility. Our clients include colleges and universities, city and county municipalities, public and private school systems and professional teams.

Many companies point out the immense number of fields they have constructed but, Sports Turf Company has always made quality the most important guiding attribute. The process of selecting a company to renovate an existing field or construct a new one can be daunting, but at Sports Turf we have assembled a team and process that make it turnkey, efficient and easy for owners to have a field, track or court that is precisely constructed of the highest quality materials in the world and built to withstand the multiple uses that today’s facilities must endure.

Sports Turf Company believes each project is unique and each solution is specific. Every member of our team is dedicated to one goal, constructing a field, track or court for the very best playing experience, that accommodates usage, longevity, budget, timeline, location, maintenance and a host of other factors. No matter how complex the project, our team is here to provide you with your ideal solution.